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Indoor Ice Arena & Outdoor OVAL

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Indoor Ice Arena & Outdoor OVAL

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NOTE - These will typically be posted about 1-2 weeks after the event.


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Indoor Ice Arena & Outdoor OVAL

Click on the DVD to purchase a previously recorded Roseville Skating Center Event.  Select the name of the event (from the archives). Add more details, as necessary, especially if it is a very long event and there are multiple recordings involved (such as with Figure Skating, Speedskating, etc.).


The User Groups at the Roseville Skating Center, in partnership with CTV North Suburbs, will be webstreaming LIVE events from both the Outdoor Oval and the Indoor Ice Arena.  Each User Group will be producing their own events using volunteers from within their own group.  Most of these LIVE events will not feature narration, rather, they will be limited to background audio.

Some of these events will also be broadcast on TV, also in partnership with CTV North Suburbs. 

Technical Details

  • Indoor Arena has 13 video feeds & 2 audio feeds.
  • Outdoor Oval has 21 video feeds & 2 audio feeds.
  • Banquet Rooms have both video & audio feeds.
  • Total of 43 video feeds and 8 audio feeds throughout the facility.
  • Total of 20 camcorders & 9 tripods (3 camcorders mounted in the indoor arena ceiling for goal cams & scoreboard cam).
  • Oval Scoreboard (19' W x 10' H) is fully integrated into the overall system.
  • Instant replay (2 ch), DVD, text overlays, multiple hard drives, auto-switcher, auxillary inputs / outputs...

Video and Web production volunteers needed

Groups wishing to take advantage of this capability will need to supply volunteers who are willing to be trained on the video equipment.  Contact your group's governing body or the Skating Center administration for more information.