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LIVE - Webcams

Outdoor OVAL - South

Outdoor OVAL - North

Indoor Ice Arena - West

Indoor Ice Arena - East


Indoor Ice Arena & Outdoor OVAL

See different LIVE views of the Roseville Skating Center.   Views change automatically.

Live Video from AXIS Camera


The preceding Webcams were brought to you through a  joint collaboration between Friends of the OVAL Foundation and Roseville IT.

Technical Details - Fixed Webcams

  • Outdoor OVAL has 1 Webcam facing South & 1 Webcam facing North
  • Indoor Arena has 1 Webcam facing West & 1 Webcam facing East

Technical Details - Auto Switching Webcam

  • Outdoor Oval has 4 Fixed Camcorders (very-old units) that focus on the outdoor track (separate from the Webcams)
  • Indoor Ice Arena has 2 Fixed Camcorders (very-old units) that focus on the indoor arena (separate from the Webcams)

In addition, the following video signals might be added in:

  • Indoor Arena has 13 video feeds
  • Outdoor Oval has 21 video feeds
  • Banquet Rooms have video feeds
  • Total of 43 video feeds throughout the facility.
  • Total of 20 camcorders & 9 tripods (3 camcorders mounted in the indoor arena ceiling for goal cams & scoreboard cam).