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LIVE - Webcams

webcams are currently off-line due to technical difficulties

Outdoor OVAL - South

Outdoor OVAL - North

Indoor Ice Arena - West

Indoor Ice Arena - East


Indoor Ice Arena & Outdoor OVAL

See different LIVE views of the Roseville Skating Center.   Views change automatically.

Live Video from AXIS Camera


The preceding Webcams were brought to you by the Friends of the OVAL Foundation and Roseville IT.

Technical Details - Fixed Webcams

  • Outdoor OVAL has 1 Webcam facing South & 1 Webcam facing North
  • Indoor Arena has 1 Webcam facing West & 1 Webcam facing East

Technical Details - Auto Switching Webcam

  • Outdoor Oval has 4 Fixed Camcorders (very-old units) that focus on the outdoor track (separate from the Fixed Webcams)
  • Indoor Ice Arena has 2 Fixed Camcorders (old units) that focus on the indoor arena (separate from the Fixed Webcams)

In addition, the following video signals might be added in:

  • Indoor Arena has 14 video feeds
  • Outdoor Oval has 21 video feeds
  • Banquet Rooms have video feeds
  • Total of 44 video feeds throughout the facility.
  • Total of 20 camcorders & 9 tripods (3 camcorders mounted in the indoor arena ceiling for goal cams & scoreboard cam).