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Ice Contracts

Winter I Ice Contract Begins November 1st

Winter I contract registration is now available. All completed forms must be returned by regular mail to Mike Kaytor Postmarked by Tuesday, October 26th. Emailed copies will NOT be accepted at this time.

Completed documents required:

  • Contract registration form 
  • Signed RFSC Waiver

**Note** These documents can be completed by printing, signing, scanning, and mailed. 

Signed RFSC Contract waiver must be included with contract registration, skaters will not be allowed to step onto the ice without a signed waiver in possession of RFSC, NO EXCEPTIONS.

COVID-19 Guidelines Update
As a reminder, until further notice, we will continue to follow our COVID-19 guidelines. Any changes after the next Board of Directors meeting will be communicated to the club.

Random coupons and ice trade coupons update. 
Coupons purchased in Fall expire at the end of Winter I. Any coupons purchased in Winter I will expire at the end of Winter II. 

For any questions, please contact Mike Kaytor ( or 651-253-8492)

Contract Posted Date Due Date Time Frame
Fall Ice Contract Early August late August September - late October
Winter I Ice Contract Early October Mid October Late October- Year end.
Winter II Ice Contract Late November Mid December First of the year - early March
Spring Ice Contract Early February Mid February Early March - Early June
Summer Ice Contract Early May Late May June - late August
Membership Late May Late June July 1- June 30 is a Membership year
Ice Show Club Numbers November 1 December 15
Roseville Open Registration March Mid April 3rd weekend in May

Program Design:

Each class the skaters will experience: a dynamic warm-up, a series of plyometric drills and exercises, and a flexibility focused cool-down.

Warm-Up is geared to quickly, yet properly warm up the body & muscles for maximizing the potential gained from the training.

Plyometrics will highlight uses in agility, power, endurance, strength, control, & acceleration/de-acceleration, such targeting help in improving jump & spin techniques & overall skating movement transitions.

Cool-Down is focused to return the body & heart rate back to rest, while relaxing & restoring muscles to such enhance the training completed.

WHO: Open to ALL RFSC club members

WHEN: During Current Contract

WHERE: Ballet room within the indoor skating arena

COST: Per Current Contract

*Payment is due with registration by Current Contract

*Payment details available on the registration form.

REGISTRATION & ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: available as attachment & located on the RFSC bulletin board @ rink.

QUESTIONS: Direct to

Ice Contract Documents


10 Week Summer Off Ice YOGA 

Thursday's nights YOGA  5:15 pm - 6:15 pm 

 Please contact Lisa Anne Venne  or Mike Kaytor with questions. 

RFSC Presents Plyometrics Off-Ice Training

If you would like more information on  off ice work out.  Please reach out to Heather Rollinger to design a personal off ice work out.  

*Non Member coaches will be required to provide identification and proof of insurance PRIOR to teaching on RFSC Ice.  To provide this information, please contact: