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Rising Stars

Roseville Figure Skating Club - Rising Stars

Rising Stars is a comprehensive program designed for skaters who want to improve their skills and progress more quickly than is typical with only group lessons. The program is also a natural next step for the skater who aspires to be a talented and inspiring skater. This program is a fun, economical way to introduce skaters and their parents to the world of United States Figure Skating (USFS), and our local chapter, the Roseville Figure Skating Club (RFSC). The program offers high-quality instruction with experienced, USFS coaches. 

Program includes:

On-Ice Class – Consists of small group instruction with a low student-to-coach ratio, tailored to the skater’s current ability.

Off-Ice Class – Introduces skater to proper cool-down exercises that gradually bring the body back to a resting state, and stretching techniques. Also includes an introduction to off-ice jumping.

Rising Stars is structured as follows:

45 minutes – on-ice class including introduction to moves-in-the-field tests, jumps, spins, choreography, synchronized skating, and more!

15 minutes – practice time

For more information, please contact:

Kelli McClellan -

Learn to Skate USA

Rising Stars Registration

Registration for this contract is open.

For detailed ice schedule information, refer to the Ice Contracts Schedule posted below.

Contact Kelli McClellan ( with questions.

Kelli McCleallan Hagen