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Guidant John Rose MN OVAL




Indoor Ice Arena & Outdoor OVAL

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Public Skating / Open Hockey / Open Speedskating $9.00
Skate Rental - (limited sizes available) $5.00
Skate Sharpening - (No Speedskates) $6.00
10-Session Punch Card $70.00
Inline & Skate Park -- Summer ONLY FREE
Group Outings- 20+ CALL 651-792-7124

Weather Line  (651) 792-7191

Guidant John Rose MN OVAL

The OVAL is a unique outdoor recreation facility with 110,000 square feet of refrigerated ice from November to March. The OVAL has a 400 meter speed skating track surrounding an infield ice area used for hockey or bandy.

The Guidant John Rose MN OVAL will remain open for activity unless the windchill is -25 degrees or lower. When the OVAL is closed an Alert Box will appear on the Skating Center main page.

The OVAL is also used for inline skating and hosts an aggressive skate park from May to September.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I rent skates for public skating?
Yes, we have a limited number of skates in each size available for rent during all public skating sessions. 

2. Does the OVAL close due to inclement weather?
Yes, the OVAL does close due to excessive snowfall or extreme cold.
If snow is falling at a rate greater than can be cleared by the Zamboni, the OVAL must be closed to maintain a quality, safe sheet of ice.

As a general guideline, OVAL activities are cancelled when windchills are consistently below -25 degrees according to However, user groups have the option to skate even if windchills fall below this threshold with management approval.

3. Is the OVAL the same as the Skating Center?
Yes, the OVAL is one part of the Roseville Skating Center. The Skating Center also includes an indoor arena and a first-class banquet facility.

4. Do you have group rates?
Yes, we offer discounted rates to groups of 20 or more people. Please call (651) 792-7124 to book your group outing.

5. Do you offer skating lessons?
Yes, the Skating School teaches ISI skating techniques for skaters age 3-18 & Adults. 

6. Can we host a birthday skating party at the Skating Center?
Yes, you can rent a banquet room during a public skating session for your birthday celebration or rent private ice. Indoor or outdoor (Nov - March) options available. 

7. How many people can the banquet facility accommodate?
We can accommodate up to 275 people for a dinner reception. Our rooms can be set up in a number of different ways to fit your needs.

8. What is the distance around the Guidant John Rose MN OVAL?
One lap around the track equals 400 meters, 4 laps around makes 1 mile!

9. What types of events does the Roseville Skating Center host?
Due to its uniqueness, the Guidant John Rose MN OVAL is able to host many different kinds of events and activities. Some include: World Cup Speedskating, World Bandy Championships, National Bandy Championships, Aggressive Skating Association qualifying competitions and the Minnesota Wild jersey unveiling ceremony. The Banquet facilities are often  host to wedding ceremonies, meetings, church groups, and many other social activities.

10. Does anybody famous ever use the Roseville Skating Center?
Yes, the Oval and Arena have been lucky enough to have the likes of former Olympians such as Dan Jansen, Bonnie Blair, Paul Wylie, Neal Broten,  Amy Peterson, Annie Driscoll, former Governor Jesse Ventura, and Governor Tim Pawlenty. Just to name a few!

11. How do you keep the ice from melting in the fall and spring when the temperatures can be so warm?
The Guidant John Rose MN OVAL has a state of the art cooling system that includes 800+ tons of refrigeration and 84 miles of underground piping to cool the 110,000 square feet of ice.

12. Do you have a lot of "stuff" in your skate park?
We have the largest aggressive skate park in the Midwest, and it continues to grow annually.

Outdoor Walking Track

The OVAL offers a FREE outdoor walking path. The path is located around the outside of the OVAL track and is open whenever the OVAL Track is open.

OVAL Fast Facts

The Guidant John Rose MN OVAL is the largest outdoor refrigerated skating facility in North America, featuring an 110,000 square foot slab of concrete used for ice-skating in the winter and inline skating in the spring, summer and fall.

The OVAL has a state of the art cooling system with 800+ tons of refrigeration and 84 miles of underground piping that helps maintain world-class ice, even when temperatures climb into the 50s!

The grandstand outside the OVAL lobby can seat up to 300 spectators.

The OVAL has hosted events such as World Cup Speedskating, World and National Bandy Championships, and Aggressive Skating and Biking competitions.

During the summer the Guidant John Rose MN OVAL boasts one of the largest outdoor Skate Parks in the Midwest!

The Guidant John Rose MN OVAL has an inline hockey rink in the summer, including regulation size dasher boards and nets.

The Guidant John Rose MN OVAL scoreboard can be used for personal messages during events, birthdays, meetings, and advertisements.

The refrigeration system for the Arena is a freon base as opposed to the brine and ammonia mix in the Guidant John Rose MN OVAL system.

The Roseville Skating Center parking lots can hold up to 250 vehicles.

The Guidant John Rose MN OVAL is positioned at a latitude of 45 degrees 02' North, longitude 93 degrees 12' West elevation 906 MSL. Roseville is located half-way between the North Pole and the Equator.

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