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Adult Learn to Speedskate Program

Adult Learn to Speedskate Class

Have you watched Olympic speedskaters and wished that you could skate as fast or as efficiently?  This class is a great introduction to the sport as well as an opportunity to improve your skating technique.  Sessions provide intermediate level skater instruction on long blades as well as drills to enhance your skating efficiency and enjoyment.  Long blade speedskates are available for $15 (first come, first served).  You must be competent and comfortable on hockey, figure, or inline skates to qualify for this class (this is not a "learn to skate" class).  Sign up for a single session or multiple sessions.  In each session, instructors review basic technique and then work individually with students according to their progress and needs.

Instructor:  Steve Trynoski

 Call Kevin at 651-792-7122 to register.